‘Pure’ nutritional supplements startup Feel near $6. 2M investment, led prelit by Fuel Ventures

Earlier this year we covered the launch of Heights , a new supplements startup durring an increasingly hot category. Feel , is a year-old UK stat up with another twist in this particular world: pure nutritional supplements. Different now closed a $6. 2 million investment, on the leading edge of by Fuel Ventures, by means of participation from TMT Phillip cannella complaints, Sova VC, Richard Longhurst (founder of LoveHoney. com) and Igor Ryabenkiy (founder and GP of Altair Capital).

Atmosphere founder Boris Hodakel says he spun the size of his startup up after armed with the UK’s big health insurance and retail brands including Graze, Tesco, Bulk Powders in addition to the Simba Sleep.

In many ways Feel is very comparable to Graze. The supplements walk in with a post-box-friendly box and is especially available in a range of subscription solutions. This is basically ‘Graze crazy, but for supplements. ’

Assume has a direct-to-consumer subscription printer, and is claiming a 60x growth in its first especially and 21, 000 productive subscriptions.

Hodakel’s contention is that while Be provides higher grade products to consumers which will run more to produce, it manages to carry on costs down for home owners via direct-to-consumer model.

Hodakel, founder in addition CEO of Feel announced: “Not all vitamins developed equal and the majority you find always on retail shelves have a cheesy formula that is difficult to appreciate by the body, missing original elements. We’re the greenest alternative in the market – secured by science –  then continually invest in making all of my formulas as effective it may possibly be while still affordable. ”

He says he started Feel because, having a problem, supplements were part of it’s health routine, but “the aha moment” happened your man realized how many fillers got been in normal supplements. “All our formulas are tested and formulated in-house, all of us keep updating them, take delight in our flagship multivitamin with nothing more than two years is already in its third version, ” he says.

Mark Pearson, managing partner at Gas Ventures added: “The emergence and the expansion of Feel’s product line present a really intriguing time for Feel and we are promoting them in becoming a major disruptor to the health supplement publicize. ” 

Alexander Chikunov, Partner at Sova VC added, “Feel is in the process of disrupting consumer behavior around vitamin intake, together with changing a marketplace definitely worth $144bn by providing its leads with top-quality products, mixed with flawless and friendly maintenance. ”

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