Instagram adds a dedicated spot for your overall pronouns

Going to someone mention their pronouns in their Instagram bio turns out to be commonplace — so much so when the app now has a dedicated town where users can placed pronouns without taking up because valuable profile space.

The company announced the new feature on Twitter , saying that it is only available in a few countries just now, but will be arriving in more soon. I was able to make it work here in the U.S. in version 187 of the iOS app.

To set your pronoun, just go to your profile page, hit “Edit Profile,” then look in the list of items for an empty Pronouns field (this is different from the one deeper in “personal information settings). Tap that and you can pick what you prefer to be called by — up to four items.

Interestingly, the feature does not allow users to just type in whatever they want — presumably so the field is used for its intended purpose and not for gender-related “jokes.” I was able to find most of the pronouns on < a href=""> this report , and my guess is ordinarily Instagram will add great deal more if people ask. (I’ve contacted the company asking for a lot more. )

Anything you choose will appear next to your company name a slightly darker type — there’s also the option to present this only to followers, if it turns out a person’s gender isn’t things they want to share publicly. Absolutely if you want to freeform it or even use some emoji or tastes font, you can skip your “official” pronouns and do it instead.

No longer everyone feels the need to show or specify their gender selection, but the practice has become therefore , widespread that Instagram placed a smart choice in making the following an integrated part of the profile. This kind of both saves space (now you can put “Doom work peice fiend” and “Proud mom” on two lines) & endorses gender identity in the form of something at least as important as sites and other bio info.

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