Recent out of YC, Houm brings up $8M to improve the home agencies and sales market found in LatAm

As a longtime real estate company based in Chile, Benjamin Labra was able to spot gaps with the buying and renting segments in Latin America. Looking demands, he started Houm , a new good all-in-one platform that helps house owners rent and sell their households in the region.

Fresh out of Ful Combinator’s W21 cohort, in these modern times Houm announced an $8 million seed round.  

If you think the concept sounds like Brazil’s unicorn, QuintoAndar, it’s considering the fact that Houm is very similar. When QuintoAndar dominates the B razil market, Houm operates in Republic of chile, Mexico and Colombia, as aims to capture the rest of Spanish-speaking LatAm.

Bear in mind Houm as a homeowner-run Zillow meets TaskRabbit. The company shows a marketplace run by the families themselves and cuts out a new realtor by employing 200 outsourced helpers who prepare the property discounted or to manage it.

Houmers, as they are called, go to the owner’s home, take photos after which help possible buyers or lessees view the property. For their task, Houmers are compensated every time a home they worked on manufactures or gets rented.

However , Houm’s selling proposition isn’t just the ease of use it provides; rather than, it also serves as a guarantor in my ways, making the attaining process more accessible.

“In Colombia and Mexico, for someone are your guarantor, they have to good property that’s free of property so it can be used as otherwise known as, ” Labra told TechCrunch.

On the flip side, the company also claims that renters will get ads every month, and if a tenant falters, Houm covers the buying. “You really have nothing to suffer a loss of if you use Houm, ” Labra said.

You can imagine that a internet business} like Houm now has an array of00 data on the real estate market, significantly around sales and flat prices. As a result, Houm creates this data in an procedure that helps the homeowner pick a fair price for their acreage, but the listed price maintains up to the owner.

The company, effortless founded in 2018 and will be based in Chile, now has just about 200 full-time employees, as well their freelance team. As well as Labra declined to say amount active users it has, she or he said Houm is now explaining a property every eight opportunities.

The current funding round possessed no lead investor in addition includes Y Combinator, Goodwater Ventures, OneVC, Vast VC, Liquid2 and Myelin. The label plans to use the money regarding expand within the region, flawless its algorithm and generally make growth.

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